Building Secure Applications with Vault

  • London
  • 29th January 2020
  • £800 excl. VAT

Course Objectives:

This is an official HashiCorp 1-day training course.

This is a comprehensive course aimed at users who desire an in-depth exploration of Vault including secrets, policies, authentication mechanisms, operationalizing and using integrating Vault with applications. Experience with Vault is not required, but preferred. 


  • Glossary and architecture
  • Static and generic secrets
  • Policies and policy workflow
  • Dynamic secrets
  • Authentication, auditing, and lease model
  • Operationalizing vault
  • Direct application integration

Course price: £800 excl. VAT

Location: Central London 

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This course is also available as part of:

Vault Training Bundle (£1500+VAT).
This bundle includes an Introduction and Intermediate course in Vault.
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