CA Automic Workload Automation Design 2

On Demand


On Demand


Emma Frame 14th August 2018

Product Description

CA Automic Workload Automation Design 2 (86AUW2001B)

Duration: 3 days

Location: Intructor-Led Online

AE Version: 12.1

Course Overview

Learn how to take your objects (Workflows, Jobs, Variables, etc) to the next level. Learn about how to make complex dependencies and utilize the expanded features of the Automation Engine. Create dynamic variables and utilize those in userdefined prompts for one‐off executions. Pre‐define conditions to handle actions for preventative behaviors or additional reporting. Begin to use the Automic scripting language to programmatically handle certain activities and loops.

Who Should Attend

  • Advanced Automic developers/designers—those whose jobs include creating the Workflows to automate your applications, databases and operating systems.
  • This course is also useful for administrators and operators who may need to troubleshoot certain job problems.
  • Automic users and designers who would like to learn how to interact programmatically from inside the Automation Engine.
  • Administrators can also utilize this language to retrieve system information.

What You Will Learn

  • Queues
  • The CONN Object
  • Usage of CONN Objects (RA Jobs, SQL Jobs)
  • Enhanced JOBS Topics
  • The FILTER Object
  • The Output Scan Tab
  • Workflows: Additional Functions, Parameters and Task Properties
  • Creation and Handling of PRPT Objects
  • Usage in Jobs and Workflows
  • Dynamic Promptsets
  • Automated Rollback Functionality
  • The SYNC Object: Creation and Usage
  • The JOBG Object: Creation and Usage of Job Groups
  • The SCRI Object
  • Usage of Variable Objects
  • Generic Jobs: Creation and Usage
  • The Storage Object

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