CA Automic Workload Automation Operations

On Demand


On Demand


Emma Frame 14th August 2018

Product Description

CA Automic Workload Automation Operations

Duration: 1 day

Location: Intructor-led Online

AE Version: 12.1

Course Overview

The Operator is an integral role that is often overlooked—they are not prioritized as training targets (no time!) but are essential to running successful workflows. What is the difference between cancel and cancel recursive? What are the implications of an abended job and blocked workflows? How can I tell what an Event object is doing? All of these questions and more are answered to give your team a first handle on how to actually keep your environment running smoothly. It includes practical examples of use.

Who Should Attend

  • Users who monitor and report on running jobs, events and workflows.

What You Will Learn

  • Comprehensive presentation of principles of operations management: (1) Observe (2) Analyze (3) act
  • Presentation of the Process Monitoring Perspective and Widget
  • Defining core concepts and actions: Task, status, object type, cancellation, deactivation, executions
  • Identifying the components of a Task: Object type, execution type, status
  • Managing basic object Tasks
  • Managing Schedule objects
  • Managing recurring executions
  • Managing other objects like Sync and Events
  • Understanding actions and how they are used
  • Full description and use in context of 27 actions

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