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Biagio Napoli 17th February 2022


Any team member new to Git and GitLab.


This class is designed to provide users with an introduction to GitLab. It starts with an overview of GitLab so you can learn the basics about what GitLab does and why DevOps teams use it. Then it dives into Git, the version control system used by GitLab for source code management (SCM). You’ll learn and practice fundamental Git concepts and commands. Throughout the course flow, we’ll provide demos and hands-on practice with the foundational processes and tasks that DevOps teams use in GitLab, such as committing changes, creating branches and merge requests, using a CI/CD pipeline, and accessing security scanning.

GitLab with Git Basics covers some features that are available in all three GitLab pricing tiers (free, premium, and ultimate), some features are only available in premium and ultimate, and a small number of features that are only available in ultimate.

Course modules:

  • GitLab Overview
  • GitLab Components and Navigation
  • Git Basics
  • Basic Code Creation in GitLab
  • GitLab’s CI/CD Functions
  • GitLab’s Package and Release Features
  • GitLab Security Scanning


Attendees should already be familiar at a basic knowledge level with the following concepts:

  • Agile development
  • Source code management
  • Laptop with internet access and git installed

Private and Public training offered

Course price: £800 excl. VAT


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