HashiCorp Terraform 101: Provision Modern Infrastructure



May 24th 2021

£850 excl. VAT

Emma Frame 29th June 2019

Course Objectives:

This is an official HashiCorp 1-day course.

Students will walk away with a solid understanding of HashiCorp’s Terraform.




This is a comprehensive course aimed at users who desire an in-depth exploration of Terraform including Infrastructure as code, configuration and usage. Experience with Terraform is not required, but preferred.


  • HashiCorp Terraform 101: Provision Modern Infrastructure 
    • Evolution of Infrastructure
    • Basic Configuration
    • Outputs & Variables
    • Configuration Format and Auto-Formatting
    • Modules, Provisioner, and Providers
    • Graph Theory
    • Meta Parameters
    • Terraform Enterprise: Remote State*
    • Terraform Enterprise: GitHub Deploys*
    • Destroy
    • Labs:
      • Outputs
      • Terraform Console
      • Variables
      • Modules
      • Provisioners
      • Terraform Graph
      • Meta-arguments
      • Data Source (Optional)
      • Destroy
      • Terraform Cloud (Optional)

Course price: £850 excl. VAT

Location: London – Online

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