HashiCorp Vault 102: Introduction to Vault Operations



May 27th 2021

£850 excl. VAT

Emma Frame 18th May 2019

Course Objectives:

This is a comprehensive, engineer led course that covers HashiCorp’s Vault. This is an introductory course aimed at operations staff who are responsible for installing and configuring Vault.


HashiCorp Vault 102: Introduction to Vault Operations

  • Vault Overview
  • Vault Installation
  • Auto-Unseal
  • Vault Cluster Deployment
  • Vault Operations
  • Vault Policies
  • Secure Introduction
  • Labs:
  • Vault Server Configuration
  • Auto-Unseal
  • Vault Operations
  • Working with Policies
  • Vault Agent

Course price: £850 excl. VAT

Location: London – Online

Contact biagio.napoli@ecs.co.uk for enquiries

This course is also available as part of: Vault Training Bindle (£1600+VAT). This bundle includes an Introduction and Intermediate course in Vault. See bundle.

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