Jenkins Pipeline Fundamentals



3rd June 2021

SGD $1,200 excl. GST

Kok Hoong Wai 18th February 2019

This is a 1-day hands-on training course.


The course is applicable to:

  • Beginner and intermediate Developers
  • QA Engineers
  • Build and Release Engineers
  • Technical Project Managers
  • Architects


  • “Jenkins – Fundamentals” course
  • Students should also have some familiarity with ancillary technologies that are used in this course: Docker; Git; Apache Maven; Gradle; Ant or NPM; and Apache Groovy
  • The class has been structured so you can do the exercises even if you are not familiar with these tools but learning them will help you implement your Pipelines when you go back to work.

Course Objectives

After completing this training module, you should understand the following:

  • How to create, run, analyse and save a Declarative Pipeline using the Blue Ocean Editor and the Blue Ocean text editor
  • The structure of a Declarative Pipeline, including the role of the stage, step, agent and post sections
  • How to control the flow of execution in a Declarative Pipeline
  • How to preserve and use files created by the build and test activities
  • Pipeline capabilities that provide fit and finish to your Pipeline


Section 01 – Pipeline Introduction

Section 02 – Skeletal Pipeline

Section 03 – Simple Pipeline

Section 04 – Intermediate Pipeline

Section 05 – Pipeline Fit and Finish

Section 06 – Advanced Features


Course price: SGD $1,200 excl. GST

Location: Singapore – Online

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